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Well Water Problems?
We Have Well Water Solutions!

Unlike city water, private well water can have several issues that need to be dealt with. Each well is different but we can built a system to handle any problems you may have.


  WATER SOFTENER. A softener only deals with hardness and iron. Through ion exchange, the resin inside the tank removes the calcium and iron from the water. It then uses the salt water brine to clean itself. The average harness in north Florida is 18-22. With a Natursorb softener it is reduced to zero! 


 CARBON TANK. Carbon filters only deal with contaminants.   Activated carbon remove chemicals, such as chlorine, that affect the quality of your water and your health. It also filters out chlorine byproducts, VOC's and at least 81 other chemicals and reduces 52 others. Activated carbon removes all 12 identified herbicides and 14 pesticides along with 32 identified organic contaminates. The Natursorb mixed bed carbon filter is the only way to go for clean safe water.


AIR INJECTION. Air injection is designed for low levels of H2S (sulfur smell) and problematic iron levels. This unit uses air to oxidize the iron and sulfur. The contaminates are then filtered out using carbon,birm or manganese dioxide.


CHLORINE OR PEROXIDE SYSTEM. Some wells may have problematic H2S, iron bacteria, sulfur bacteria, coliform or E coli. It is a large system that can handle any of these issues and turns bad water into great water.


WHOLE HOUSE REVERSE OSMOSIS. This system is usually a worse case scenario. RO (reverse osmosis) is usually used  if you have have salt intrusion.

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